Trauma T1571

Cecelia Ricciotti Sensei of Philadelphia recently received the following letter from a former student. Don't miss the link to the full article on Jason's own site.
Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dear Cecelia Sensei and friends

Earlier this week I was involved in a very serious car accident (one which the paramedics and firemen involved said they had never seen anyone come out of alive). However, I have only a few abrasions and cuts from glass fragments.

I think Aikido training may have had some part in my survival; you can read the whole story here:

When I was initially hit by the semi, I went limp into the passenger seat (either by instinct or training or momentum). Somehow, I ended up in the ONE position that would allow me to survive. Also, after the accident, as I was waiting to be cut out of the car, I focused on breathing and remaining balanced. This week, I've been rather sore; however, I don't think I've been as sore as I would have been had I tensed up during the accident. I just feel like I had a couple bad nights on the mat.

I just wanted to pass that along to you; I know that "The Small Convertible Lodged in the Undercarriage of Eighteen Wheeler" was not a technique we practised--but I believe some of the training I received on the mat may have just saved my life.

Blessings to you all,