Hello Aikido Kokikai International. I hope everyone is well and practicing hard in preparation for Summer Camp. In Aikido Kokikai we practice katatori kokyunage. The technique is so simple: just put your arm around the neck and throw. After 3 months, 3...
Everyone has a limit to how much they can practice and because of this you must catch something from your practice.
Recently, at an informal function, I was asked what it feels like to ki-test Sensei. After taking a moment or two, my reply was “tangible enlightenment.” This is the only way I can describe this unique and mesmerizing experience.
After 30 years in the heart of Nagoya, Sensei has moved to suburban Nagakute. I was fortunate to visit just after the new dojo was operational, before its formal opening. What follows is a brief account of my visit.
Jorge McConnie-Saad has been a student at Philadelphia Aikido Kokikai since he was about 8 years old. He is now 20 years old and has achieved the rank of 2nd dan. Having studied for so long, Jorge’s aikido is as natural to him as breathing.
As human beings, it seems we have always felt the need to understand ourselves and our place in the world. Long ago we did this by creating myths and legends; today we look to science. Mythology, born of the intuitive wisdom of ancient peoples, continues...
I didn't know what to expect once we arrived in Russia. I did picture little old women standing in line for bread and little old men breaking up old wooded fences for fire wood. They actually all had plenty of bread and central heat. The homes were...
There is an old Japanese samurai proverb which cautions warriors that “In victory, tighten your helmet.”
As many of you know, I have been living in Japan since 2002 and in this time I have experienced and discovered so many wonderful things in this country and I always enjoy sharing my experiences with everyone who is willing to listen.