Kokikai Charter

Sensei Shuji Maruyama is Kokikai-Ryu Aikido's Founder and President. Sensei Maruyama started his practice in Japan and through hard practice and dedicated effort realized martial arts awakening and founded the Kokikai Federation to disseminate his training method and its benefits to the world.

Our purpose is to realize the finest self-defense ability and to develop and apply Kokikai Ki Power to the daily lives of Kokikai practitioners. Kokikai does not study Ki Power through abstract word alone; rather, we examine Ki Power through the lens of self-defense technique. We discover our strongest state through tangible experience, and make that experience concrete through positive results in the face of adversity. Through this method we understand the simple truth that when we use mind and body correctly, our Kokikai Ki Power becomes strong.

Many people hear about Ki and go to their local book store to study about the concept. But we can never understand Ki this way. For example the word "Ki" has over 400 applications and derivatives in the Japanese language alone, not to mention its roots "chi" in Chinese and prana in Hindi. Sensei Maruyama never thinks of Ki in this way; rather, he studies how to use the mind and body correctly and naturally, understanding that will result in maximum Ki Power. This directs us to the fundamental Kokikai Traihing Method: discover the correct state and correct feeling for the human mind and body through Kokikai techhique and Ki Testing and realize Kokikai Ki Power. To be correct the Kokikai practitioner must respect and follow natural law. This is best studied through the Kokikai Principles. Make your purpose to develop your own Kokikai Ki Power, realize your own full potential, and then to apply that ability to your own field of specialization and thereby lay the foundation for your own success.